Crafting elegance with sustainability.

HAYASHI, a name synonymous with forest in Japanese, embodies the essence of sustainable elegance through its innovative, plant-based, leather-alternative bags and accessories. Founded by mother-daughter duo, Kim and Aimée, in 2021, HAYASHI marries Kim’s extensive experience in the paper industry with Aimée’s creative prowess in interior design. Born from a desire to blend contemporary style with eco-conscious living, their creations cater to the modern individual seeking both aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility.

The Challenge

As HAYASHI sought to expand its reach and impact, the need for a digital presence that mirrored their brand’s ethos became apparent. The challenge was to redesign their website in a way that not only showcased their unique, sustainable products but also educated and engaged their audience on the importance of eco-friendly alternatives. The website needed to be a reflection of HAYASHI’s minimalist aesthetic, emphasising the quality, innovation, and environmental benefits of their offerings.

The Solution

The project aimed to encapsulate the essence of HAYASHI’s brand, from its commitment to sustainability to its dedication to elegant design.

  • Design and Visual Identity: We crafted a sleek, minimalist website design that mirrors HAYASHI’s clean and eco-friendly aesthetic. The use of a soft, natural colour palette and high-quality imagery of their products and materials highlights the brand’s dedication to beauty and sustainability. The visual identity was carefully developed to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers who do not wish to compromise on style.
  • Product Showcase and E-commerce Integration: Recognising the importance of an intuitive shopping experience, we implemented an e-commerce platform. Each product, from laptop sleeves to large tote bags, is showcased with detailed descriptions, high-resolution images, and customer reviews to facilitate informed purchasing decisions.
  • Educational Content: To deepen visitors’ understanding of HAYASHI’s mission and materials, we included comprehensive sections about the origins and advantages of HAYASHI paper. This includes its water-resistant properties, durability, and how it ages gracefully like traditional leather.
  • Community Engagement: Highlighting customer satisfaction and community feedback was paramount. We featured a dedicated section for customer reviews and stories, showcasing real-life applications of HAYASHI products and their impact on users’ lives. This section serves to build trust and foster a sense of community among HAYASHI’s clientele.
  • Sustainability Report and Brand Story: A detailed narrative of HAYASHI’s founding story, vision, and commitment to reducing their carbon footprint offers transparency and connects with consumers on a personal level. Information about manufacturing practices, including the ethical sourcing of materials and partnerships with environmentally responsible factories, reinforces HAYASHI’s commitment to sustainability.

The Outcome

The new HAYASHI website is a testament to the brand’s ethos of sustainable, stylish living. It successfully communicates the luxury and eco-consciousness of their products, engaging users with a seamless blend of commerce, education, and storytelling. Since the launch, HAYASHI has seen a significant increase in online engagement, customer retention, and sales. The website has become a cornerstone of their digital marketing strategy, amplifying their message of sustainability and innovation in fashion.

Explore the harmony of sustainability and style with HAYASHI’s latest collection at hayashi-uk.com.