Glebe Farm Foods

A wholesome digital transformation.

Glebe Farm Foods stands as a testament to sustainable, health-conscious farming and food processing. Owned and operated by the sibling duo, Rebecca and Philip Rayner, this Cambridgeshire-based farm is the UK’s exclusive grower and processor of gluten-free oats, producing a range of products from porridge flakes and oat flour to their renowned PureOaty drink. Committed to purity and quality, Glebe Farm ensures every oat product from seed to table is 100% gluten-free, catering to consumers and manufacturers worldwide.

The Challenge

Glebe Farm Foods sought to encapsulate their brand’s essence and core values into their digital presence. With a diverse product range and a unique position in the market, they needed a website that not only showcased their gluten-free oats but also educated visitors about their comprehensive, farm-to-table approach. The goal was to enhance user experience, improve product visibility, and embody the farm’s commitment to quality and transparency.

The Solution

Our team embarked on a journey to bring Glebe Farm Foods’ digital vision to life. The project involved a complete overhaul of their existing website, with a focus on creating a user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing online platform. We started with an in-depth analysis of their brand, target audience, and market position to ensure the design strategy aligned with their business objectives.

  • Design and Branding: We developed a fresh, modern (with a hint of fun) look for the site that resonates with health-conscious consumers. The design incorporated earthy tones and textures, reflecting the natural, gluten-free essence of their products.
  • E-commerce Integration: Recognising the importance of direct-to-consumer sales, we implemented an e-commerce system with WooCommerce. This allows customers to explore and purchase Glebe Farm Foods’ range of gluten-free products with ease, supporting both retail and bulk orders to cater to individual and business needs.
  • Educational Content: To differentiate Glebe Farm from competitors and underscore their expertise, we built the website with a focus on educational content. This includes detailed information about their gluten-free processing methods, the benefits of gluten-free oats, and recipes to inspire healthy eating.

The Outcome

The redesigned website for Glebe Farm Foods has not only elevated their online presence but also significantly improved user engagement and sales. The intuitive layout, combined with compelling content and visuals, has enhanced the brand’s visibility and reinforced its position as Europe’s premier gluten-free oat supplier.

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