Digital engagement for innovating Cancer research and treatment.

CellCentric is at the forefront of cancer research and drug development, pioneering the clinical application of a novel p300/CBP inhibitor, Inobrodib, aimed at treating specific cancer types. CellCentric’s flagship drug, Inobrodib, represents a significant advancement in oncology, targeting the molecular mechanisms of cancer cell proliferation with precision and offering a new hope for patients with drug-resistant multiple myeloma and potentially other cancers.

The Challenge

The complexity of conveying advanced biotechnological concepts and the significance of Inobrodib’s mechanism of action to a diverse audience posed a unique challenge. CellCentric needed a digital platform that not only highlighted the innovative nature of their work but also made it accessible to patients, physicians, and researchers. The website needed to serve as an educational hub, illuminating the drug’s development journey, its clinical trials, and its potential impact on cancer treatment, all while fostering engagement and support.

The Solution

We embarked on a comprehensive redesign of CellCentric’s website to transform it into an informative, user-friendly, and visually engaging digital resource. Our approach was multi-faceted, tailored to communicate complex information in an accessible manner while showcasing CellCentric’s pioneering work in cancer therapy.

  • Design and Usability: The website’s design was overhauled to reflect CellCentric’s innovation. To break down the complexity of the content and to help users digest the content we utilised a mix of imagery and graphics.
  • Patient and Physician Portals: Recognising the importance of catering to both patients and healthcare professionals, we developed dedicated sections for each. For patients, the focus was on understanding Inobrodib’s potential benefits. For physicians, we provided in-depth scientific resources and information on the drug’s application in treating multiple myeloma and other cancers.
  • Social Media Integration: To amplify CellCentric’s visibility and foster community support, we integrated their Twitter feed directly into the website. This allows for real-time updates on research findings, clinical trials, and community engagement, encouraging visitors to follow and participate in the conversation about inobrodib’s development and impact.

The Outcome

The revamped website successfully positions CellCentric as a leader in the field of cancer treatment innovation. It serves as a comprehensive digital platform that educates, engages, and inspires action among a broad audience, from patients and their families to healthcare professionals and researchers. The site not only enhances CellCentric’s digital presence but also supports its mission to develop groundbreaking therapies that transform cancer treatment, ultimately benefitting patients worldwide.

Explore the future of cancer treatment with CellCentric and discover the groundbreaking work behind Inobrodib at cellcentric.com.