Veterinary Web Design – Cromwell ARC

Making a big splash - Cromwell ARC Veterinary Web Design.

This is a responsive website design that we created for the Cromwell Animal Rehab Centre –

Cromwell Vets approached us looking for a new website for their new Animal Rehab Centre. They needed a website design that would visually communicate all areas of the centre. It was a great opportunity to use some beautiful animal images undergoing different types of therapy at the Cromwell site. We also continue to support Cromwell ARC with our WordPress maintenance package so that their website remains a happy and healthy one. Simples!

We started off with a blank slate, and for this website, stock photos just weren’t going to do it justice. It was a great opportunity to get Cambridge Photographer Louis James-Parker involved to do a complete overhaul to take and edit the photos of the animals during their rehabilitation. The results; beautiful photos, beautiful website.


Amazing! So excited! I've just had a little look at the website! Looks fabulous!


Lyndsay Burrel

Marketing Co-ordinator